OZ BY NATURE ® ULTRA™ Soothing Oil / Anti-Aging


OZ BY NATURE® ULTRA™ Soothing Oil for body and face has been blended with 100% natural & organic oils and essential oils. It is easily absorbed and forms a silky barrier to help prevent excess moisture loss and protect from dryness, making your skin rejuvenate tremendously.

OZ BY NATURE® ULTRA™ Soothing Oil is recommended for dry skin to prevent aging, wrinkles, dryness and sagging, and fortify skin tissues. It also helps to prevent age spots and pigmentation. It is safe and gentle for the face and body acting as a deep skin conditioner to make skin supple, soft and youthful.

OZ BY NATURE® ULTRA™ formula ensures maximum effectiveness for all your skin troubles while giving you the full benefits of all-natural and organic ingredients.

OZ BY NATURE® ULTRA™ Soothing Oil is safe for the whole family including pregnant mothers.

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